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Mold can be a silent offender and go unnoticed for days, weeks, months, and even years. Every homeowner should be aware that having mold in your home can lead to a number of different problems. The presence of mold in your home can negatively impact your health and can even destroy the very structure of your property. If you believe you may have mold, or if you are concerned about the possibility of mold, EB Mold Removal offers professional mold testing in Fremont to assess the situation for your property.

What Mold Testing Can Do

Mold testing will tell you whether or not your home has a mold problem. These tests can find mold that is hidden beneath floorboards or behind walls. Mold tests can also measure air quality, identify mold species, and determine exactly what we’re dealing with in order to plan a remediation method. We recommend that you test several times and in different areas of your home because the concentration and presence of mold can change over time.

Types of Mold Testing

There are three traditional types of mold testing: air testing, surface testing, and bulk testing. With air testing, our mold experts take air samples from your home and examine them in a laboratory setting with a microscope. This kind of testing can identify the presence of mold even if the source cannot be found; however, it can also give conflicting or varying results as the amount of mold spores on the air can vary over time. With surface testing, swabbing or tape lifting is used to collect samples from household surfaces. These samples are once again examined in a laboratory setting, and just like with air testing, results may vary over time. In some cases, bulk testing is used to identify mold. Here, household materials are removed from the home and tested in a laboratory. This kind of test can determine the presence and concentration of mold. If you notice any signs or mold, such as a smell, mustiness, respiratory problems, allergy symptoms, collected moisture, or mold sightings, you should have your home tested for mold. Mold testing can also help to identify what kind of mold is there, where it’s growing, the air quality in your home, and if a previous mold remediation was entirely successful. Contact us at EB Mold Removal for more information about mold testing and remediation.

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