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Mold can grow quickly in the home, particularly in damp or dark places that are prone to collecting moisture. Basements, attics, crawl spaces, and bathrooms are particularly vulnerable to mold growth and should be inspected carefully. If any mold is suspected or if it has been found and identified, the immediate recourse must be mold remediation, otherwise the homeowner risks significant damage to health and home.

If you discover that you have mold in your home, the first thing to do is call EB Mold Removal for mold remediation. Mold can continue to grow exponentially with little mercy, increasing in concentration and prevalence. It’s important to get the situation remediated as quickly as possible so that there is no permanent damage done to the structure of your home and so that none of the residents’ health is harmed.

Steps in Mold Remediation

There are multiple steps required for successful mold remediation, including assessment and testing, containment, filtering and cleaning, removal, drying, restoration and repairs, and final testing. This process must be followed by professional EB Mold Removal technicians with the necessary professional equipment. As mold remediation is a difficult and hazardous process, it’s important to follow these steps precisely to ensure that the mold has been thoroughly removed from the home.

First, the home must be inspected and the degree or presence of mold must first be assessed with mold testing.  Next, the affected area must be contained and closed off so that the rest of the home and residents are unaffected during mold removal. Professional filters must be used to rid the air of mold spores. Affected material should be removed, especially anything that is porous. Nonporous materials must be cleaned and sealed, and the HVAC system should also be cleaned out. Any moisture must be thoroughly dried. After this, the restoration process begins in which contaminated materials are replaced. Lastly, the home must be tested again to ensure that the mold has been effectively remediated and that there is no more excess moisture or water damage in which mold may grow.

For professional mold remediation in Fremont, contact EB Mold Removal. We will remove the mold from your home and help you to restore your home fully and prevent mold from growing again.

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